FLCL (Fooly Cooly) Review

Untitled.jpgFLCL is an OVA that dropped in 2000. It follows the story of Naota a young boy living in Mabase, a town that is devoid of any excitement in all possible aspects of the word. That is until one day when Naota gets hit by a strange yellow Vespa being driven by a deranged girl. She then proceeds to beat him with her blue bass guitar. From this moment on Naota is caught in a strange conflict where the only thing that makes sense to him is the fact that robots can emerge from his head.

My Review: If there is one thing I can say for sure is the fact that nothing makes sense. To me, it just seems like a whole bunch of random concepts pushed into some form of a sensical story. Although I will say that the writers did an excellent job of fleshing out the characters emotions in a way that anyone can relate too. One other aspect that makes this show stand out from the crowd is its art style, ranging from typical anime style, minimalistic cute style and even a semi-animated manga section (very entertaining). I think that perhaps the story could have been worked upon instead of having six episodes perhaps if there were twelve that we could have a more straight forward story, perhaps even build upon Naota’s brother and make him more than just someone who is mentioned.

I rate this anime 1.5/5


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