Gantz Review

wh7f7chxecrm1ycxixsgg1jz20tFirst aired in 2004. The story begins with Kei, an egotistical teen who has a deep hatred for everyone around him. One day while returning home he notices someone who he used to be friends with. While Kei is busy hoping to go unnoticed by his old acquaintance a drunken man falls onto the train tracks. Kei’s old friend noticing that there is a train rushing through the tunnel immediately rushes to the man’s aid. Reluctantly Kei joins him in his efforts to save the drunk and in doing so the pair loose their lives to the oncoming train. But instead of dying Kei awakes in a mysterious room with a large black orb at its centre. Then to Keis surprise, he is joined by several other people who have also died, together they must discover the secret of the black orb and why they have been brought back to life.

My Review: This is not for those looking for a light and fun experience. Gantz deals with some intense subject matters such as murder and rape. That is not to say this show is bad in the slightest, in fact, this is one of those gems that you just get hooked on immediately.   There are some truly brilliant moments in this show that you experience right alongside Kei. The raw emotion that is expressed throughout just keep you coming back for more, along with characters that you actually care about. Despite the fact that Kei is someone you can all too easily despite I find myself caring about what happens to him. Plus if you’re like me and are a fan of gore then you’ll love every death as they are all both justly and unjustly brutal. Being one of the first animes I ever watched this show will always have a special place in my heart.

I rate this anime 4/5


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