11 Eyes Review

081413101031511 Eyes had its first TV run in 2009. It follows Satsuki, a young boy who is distant from everyone around him due to his sister death. The only person Satsuki has a connection to is his childhood friend Yuka. Then one day during while Satsuki and Yuka are spending the afternoon together a strange event occurs. The Sky turns red and the moon goes black, in the midst of their confusion the pair notices that there are no other people around. However, they are not given much time to process what is happening as the pair is soon attacked by a group of monsters. The two are certain they are about to meet their doom when all of a sudden the Red Night ends. They soon return to their home in order the process what just happened to them. However, it will not be long until the Red Night returns and duo will be forced to fight for their lives. The only question is how long do they have?

My Review: This show had a slow start. I was a few episodes into it before I started to want to watch more. Once I got through the first few episodes I really fell in love this the characters, they all mattered and it was really quite a ride watching these events happen to them. Some aspects of the plot seemed kinda cliché but it goes in a pretty good direction towards the end with some confusing yet interesting ideas, not to mention a very engaging plot twist that makes for some good viewing. There were also some interesting emotional conflicts between the characters which really added to the atmosphere of the show and helped me to appreciate everyone on a more human level. There were also some pretty cool fights and the villains had a pretty neat designed, even though they did seem weak.

I rate this anime 2.5/5


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