Absolute Duo Review

absolute-duo-54d653330d109Absolute Duo first aired back in 2015. The story revolves around Tor, a young boy who has sworn to avenge his sister. Tor is enrolling in a privileged high school. The only thing is that this school designed to train warriors in order to become peacekeepers. All the students use magical weapons called blazes, each person’s blaze manifests as a weapon matching their soul. However, Tor is not like all the other students his blaze takes the form of a shield. After being accepted into the academy Tor is pared into a duo with Julie, a young girl from Scandinavia. The pair must do everything together in order to achieve absolute duo, the highest level of power and the ultimate goal of every peacekeeper. Together the duo must train and compete in trials in order to become more powerful.

My Review: This show is probably a bit hit and miss, You either love it or you hate it. I am the first, the first time I watched this it was just such a magical experience to see these characters develop into something really enticing. The plot is really strong throughout up until the end where it sorta felt rushed. Although it did leave a nice opening for a second season which I would be very interested to see. The dialogue, for the most part, seems to be excessively superficial however it still does an excellent job of directing the emotion, which is all too easy to empathise with. I also really enjoyed the soundtrack with a pretty high paced intro that is quite memorable. As I said the show is hit or miss, it seems to be directed towards a really specific target audience and come with a fairly healthy serving of fan service, although it doesn’t seem to take away from the main story.

I rate this anime 3.5/5


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