Bluer Than Indigo Review

ai_yori_aoshi_bleu_indigoBluer Than Indigo premiered in 2002. It focuses on Kaoru, a university student who is the eldest son of the head of the zaibatsu. After the death of his father and mother, Kaoru leaves the zaibatsu to live as an independent bachelor. As Kaoru is returning home from university one day he meets a young girl at a train station, she is lost and does not know the way around. It is soon revealed that her name is Aoi and she was a friend of Kaoru from his childhood, she tells him that before his parents died, they had planned for an arranged marriage between the pair. From this point on Kaoru’s life is completely changed for better or for worse. He moves into a large mansion with Aoi and together they start their new life as a couple. However, the public cannot know about the couple as it would create a scandal that would ruin Aoi’s father’s reputation. 

My Review: I found this show to be very, very slow. Aside from the fact that this is is not really my typical genre to watch. There wasn’t really a whole lot going on, towards the end it picks up a bit and there is a bit of emotional suspense but for the most part, it’s just your regular happy, go lucky, slice of life. There were some funny moments and decent character development. The introduction of the ferret was very entertaining, and some of the other side characters brought a bit of variety into this otherwise bland show. As I said the first few episodes are nothing too special but there is quite some considerable improvement towards the end. If you’re looking for a quaint, relaxed and feel good anime then I would recommend Ai Yoru Aoshi.

I rate this anime 2.5/5


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