Elfen Lied Review

2077629048_9fb89ea8_d_logoElfen Lied came out back in 2005. The focus of the story is on Lucy, a mysterious creature with the form of a human, except for the fact that she has strange, horn-like protrusion from her head and the power to manipulate invisible telekinetic arms. While escaping from an experimental facility that she was imprisoned in, she sustains a head injury, this causes her to develop a child-like personality that comes to be known as Nyu. After washing up on a beach, Lucy is found by two locals Kohta and Yuka, who help her recover and eventually take her in. As a result of this, they end up getting tied up in all the chaos that surrounds Lucy. The group is forced to deal with the constant attacks by a special assault team and several other strange girls with the same powers as Lucy. The task then falls upon Kohta and Yuka to help Lucy discover the reason for her existence and to free her from the clutches of the organisation that wishes to use her and her kin for malicious purposes.

My Review: This was one of the first shows I watched when I first was getting into anime but it’s probably not for everyone. There are several very brutal moments that really make this show dark. While only having a few episodes it does an excellent job of telling the story in great detail, although it does seem to get somewhat out of focus in the middle. I fell like this is just one of those classic animes that you will constantly be comparing other animes too. There is something for everyone to love about Elfen Lied, whether you like bloody violence, a compelling story, sympathetic emotion or something a little odd, then you find it here. Also, in case you weren’t aware, this show is actually named after a german poem called by the same name, Elfen Lied translates to Elf Song.

I rate this anime 4/5.


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