My Bride is a Mermaid Review

my_bride_is_a_mermaid_by_animefreak31-d47t13dMy Bride is a Mermaid first aired back in 2007. The story follows Nagasumi, a high school student. During one summer holiday, he, along with his parents go to visit his grandmother at the Seto Inland Sea. During his visit, Nagasumi goes for a swim out in the sea and almost immediately begins to drown. To his good fortune, Nagasumi is saved by a strange creature that he can only describe as a mermaid. When he awakes on the sore he struggles to comprehend what just occurred. In a strange turn of events, a young girl approaches Nagasumi and his family and pleads to marry Nagasumi, The girl is closely followed by a group of yakuza who kidnap the family. It is then revealed that the girl]s name is Sun and she is the daughter of the head of the mermaid yakuza. It is then explained that mermaid law dictates that since Nagasumi saw Sun’s mermaid form either he or Sun must be executed, that is unless they marry.

My Review: I was not expecting what I got from this anime. When I first picked it up I was expecting to watch it, review it and never think about it again. However, to my gleeful surprise, this was not the case. I actually found the show to be extremely funny with its slapstick humor and ridiculous circumstances. I did think that towards the end some of the jokes were overused and had lost their charm. As a matter of fact, there is quite a bit of repetition throughout the show. However, I feel that there is a steady pace of new concepts and characters introduced to balance out the repetition, this keeps the show quite fresh and engaging.

I rate this anime 3/5.


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