My Hero Academia Review

199My Hero Academia’s anime adaptation began airing in 2016. The story follows Izuku a middle school student. His dream is to become a superhero. However, unlike the majority of the population, Izuku doesn’t have any superpowers (Quirks). This  disadvantage separates him from his class and as a result, he  ends up on the receiving side of a great deal of bullying. One day, his childhood bully get attacked by a villain, despite his lack of a quirk Izuku is the only person to such to his tormentor’s aid. All Might, the world’s greatest superhero and Izuku’s personal sees his heroic actions and decides to bestow his own Quirk onto Izuku. The rest of the story follows Izuku’s entrance into U.A. High and his training to become the next generation of superheroes.

My Review: This show has received quite a bit of hype but I’m to too sure it was all deserved. I think the art style works really well, the vibrant colors and bold lines give it a very comic book feel, which is definitely well placed for the theme. Most of the characters are interesting and add diversity to the show’s roster. My big issue with the anime was its progress or rather a lack of it. It seemed that during the entire 13 episodes not very much actually happened. The impact of that is somewhat detrimental. Returning to the characters, due to the shows length there is very little room for character development and so many of the characters weren’t even touched upon. My hope for the future is that the show gets a second and third season, this would really help deal with the lack of substance. Despite all my quarrels, this show is still really good and I would suggest giving it a shot if you want something short and fun.

I rate this anime 3.5/5.


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