K (K Project) Review

UntitledK (also know as K Project) aired for the first time towards the end of 2012. The majority of the story focuses on Yashiro a somewhat unremarkable boy who attends Ashinaka High School, an extremely prestigious high school in an extremely technologically advanced city. Yashiro is liked by everyone because of his friendly demeanour and innocent behaviour. One day Yashiro gets is attacked by a strange man with a sword who accuses Yashiro of murdering Tatara Totsuka, one of the head kings for the HOMRA. The man is convinced Yashiro is guilty because of his resemblance to the murderer in the video evidence. Meanwhile, the red faction of HOMRA is also on a manhunt for Yashiro. However, their progress is being hindered the blue faction who are currently at war with the red faction.

My Review: I think this anime is probably going to be a bit of a hit or miss for viewers. One of my favorite aspects about it is definitely its style.The visuals are truly breathtaking with some very vivid colors, this lends itself well to all of the fight scenes. Other than that the show has some somewhat interesting characters each associated with a color and faction. The story itself was somewhat unremarkable, some part (particularly the side stories) were slightly confusing and didn’t seem to add anything to the main plot. I myself am not a fan fo yaoi but if you are then you might find this to be worth picking up because there is certainly plenty of that to be found. Regardless of any preferences, I think that K is worth a watch, if you are fond of bright visual imagery then this is a must watch show.

I rate this amine 2/5.


One thought on “K (K Project) Review

  1. This anime is definitely all about style and if you enjoy that style and the presentation of the story it’s really fun. However, there isn’t much substance underneath all that so for some viewers this is going to be a bit of a brightly coloured confusion. I really enjoyed it and the way we met all the key players and then brought them together. It always felt fun while watching.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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