Darker than Black: The Black Contractor Review

UntitledDarker than Black: The Black Contractor aired back in 2007. The plot follows Hei, a Chinese contractor working for the Syndicate. Contractors are special individuals who attained supernatural powers when a spatial anomaly caused two “gates” to appeared, one in South America (God’s Gate) and one in Tokyo (Hell’s Gate), alongside this all the stars disappeared and were replaced with fake stars. These stars are tied to the contractors and can be used to monitor their actions. Many of these contractors are hired as assassins due to their calculation and cold-blooded nature, however using their powers requires paying a cost, this may be something like having to smoke or causing self-harm. Hei must undertake many various tasks and missions for the Syndicate in order to gain intel about the “Hell’s Gate”. Along the way, Hei will have to combat the many other contractors that stand in his way, along with the inescapable demons of his past.

My Review: Darker than black is definitely one hell of a ride.  For a start, Hei is probably one of the coolest characters I have ever seen in an anime, his fighting style, and general aesthetics makes for one badass combination. The plot itself  can be somewhat confusing, jumping from side story to the next, along with this is the fact that each sub ark doesn’t really connect to the next and we’re left with more of an anthology of events. In terms of the other characters, there are some really interesting characters however, there isn’t really much development past a bit of background story. One thing I did notice is that Darker than Black has a really cool soundtrack with a really fun opening song.

I rate this anime 3/5.


2 thoughts on “Darker than Black: The Black Contractor Review

  1. I really love Darker Than Black and it is one of those anime I use to convince non-anime fans to give it a go because it is just all kinds of cool and most people get sucked into it. Thanks for sharing.


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