Black★Rock Shooter Review

soufnxlBlack★Rock Shooter saw the original release of its anime in 2012. The show follows two intertwined characters. The first is Mato, a young girl who has recently started junior high. Her story details how she impacts on the lives of the people around her. She devotes herself to helping her friends suffering from emotional distress, however, over time it begins to take its toll on her. The second character is Black Rock Shooter, A silent fighter with long black hair and a left eye that blazes with blue fire. She is locked in an eternal battle against Dead Master and must fight against several other opponents before she can fact Dead Master. It soon becomes apparent that Mato and Black Rock Shooter are connected in some way, sharing their experiences and emotions.

My Review: Now if that description of the plot was confusing then I can’t say I blame you. Much like that description, the plot itself is quite confusing, by that I mean much of what is going on is not really explained and it leaves a lot of questions. In terms of style, there is a striking difference between the two character realms, Mato’s world is more 2D with some subtle 3D effects used on the characters. Whereas Black Rock Shooter’s world is almost entirely 3D, barring the backgrounds. This does an excellent job of elevating the difference between the  two characters. Personally, I found myself being more interested in Mato’s side of the story. The lack of dialog in the Black Rock Shooter half made it somewhat bland and uninteresting, However, the action sequences in this section are really something to see, every fight is high paced, action packed massacre and its brilliant.

I rate this anime 2.5/5.


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