The Asterisk War Review

zjptfxi6qeThe Asterisk War aired its first season during the end period of 2015. The plot is set in a world where a disaster has led to the destruction of most of the earth cities, The Integrated Enterprise Foundation has assumed control of the world’s leadership. During the catastrophe of this event, several humans have been granted super powers and have become known as the Genestella. These Genestella are sent to the new city of Asterisk to fight for one of the six academies in the regular tournaments, known as “festas”. This story follows Ayato Amagiri, one of the Genestella who is in search of his older sister. Ayato soon becomes accustomed to the ways of life in the Asterisk and fast friends with some of its residents.

My Review: I chose to pick up this anime based purely upon the image above. I was expected some bright vivid colors and interesting characters, but I must regret to inform you that is not what I got. As far as the visuals go, everything looks like it’s meant to have very bright colors, but in the end, everything just looks like its got a white wash tone to it, and as a result nothing really stands out. In terms of characters, there’s nothing new here, we have a ridiculously overpowered,  kind-hearted, shy protagonist and his trusty harem of corner store females, the tsundere, the loli, the shy one and the experienced one. Regardless of all that what really killed this one was the story, it just felt like nothing was really happening, there was a fight here and a fight there but no purpose to any of it, and all of this was intertwined wish “flashbacks” to some event that isn’t explained. In my opinion, I’d give this one a skip.

I rate this anime 1.5/5.


One thought on “The Asterisk War Review

  1. I’d give this anime a skip too (I did like 4 episode review then dumped it). Way too generic. The OP is the best thing to come out of it. Keep up the posts!!.


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