Brynhildr in the Darkness Review

81iz2zbtipl-_sl_Brynhildr in the Darkness began airing during 2014. The story follows Ryouta Murakami, a high school student who is struggling to cope with the events of his past. Ryouta lost his childhood friend in an accident since he feels responsible for her death, he dedicates himself to fulfill her dreams of proving the existence of aliens, and since then he has constantly stared at the sky from the astronomy club. Then one day, a young girl named Neko Kuroha, who shares a strange resemblance to his lost childhood friend, transfers into his class. In a sudden turn of events, she saves his life from a falling boulder by shattering it in half using what can only be described as magic. As it turns out Neko is a witch who has escaped from an alien research facility. From that moment on Ryouta decides to help her and her kind to survive.

My Review: This show is kind of weird, it’s like it’s trying to be three or four different concepts at once, that’s not to say the show is bad, in fact, I quite enjoyed it. There are some cool concepts like “magic” being created by science. In fact, I really liked seeing everything supernatural having more of a science background and reasoning, my favorite concept would be the science behind the pills. The reason this won’t score higher is because I just found that it drops the plot right at the very end as thought the writers were just looking for a quick way to end the show. Also to the same extent, I just thought that the fanservice wasn’t really necessary as it didn’t add anything and would have made the show more kid friendly.

I rate this anime 2.5/5.


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