Black Lagoon: Volume 2 Review

cvr9781421518916_9781421518916_hrBlack Lagoon volume 2 was illustrated be Reu Hiroe and was published on 19th of July, 2003. This volume features the next eight chapters (05-12), read the review for the first volume here. In this volume, we see Rock settling into his new life as a pirate and his role in the crew of the Black Lagoon. However, he quickly learns that sometimes things are not as easy as they want them to be.  During a mission to salvage an artifact from a sunken U-Boat, the crew ends up in a full out firefight with a gang of Neo-Nazis. During this time Rock learns about the secret behind Revy’s past and this puts her in quite a sour mood. Dutch takes up issue with her temper and this leads to a public confrontation between Revy and Rock. Not long after this a pair of psychotic assassin twins show up on the scene and start killing gang members nearly bringing about an all-out gang war.

My Review: Well this volume starts off with a real kicker of an arc, it starts off kind of slow with minimal action but as the story progresses it really kicks it up a gear, especially after Revy gets into her bad mood. I thought it was good to see that Benny got a bit bigger role in this volume, I also really like to see Dutch strut his stuff towards the end of the first arc. The second arc seems like somewhat of a filler however it did introduce some new characters and fleshed out the world. The final two chapters are only part of a longer arc but the twins do seem like they will be really cool characters and I can’t wait to learn more about them.

I rate this manga 3/5.


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