Black Lagoon: Volume 3 Review

cvr9781421518923_9781421518923_hrBlack Lagoon volume  3 was illustrated be Reu Hiroe and was published on the 19th of April, 2004. This volume features the next eight chapters (13-20), read the review for the second volume here. Roanapur turns into an all out war zone when Hotel Moscow join forces with the Triad to hunt down and kill the psychotic Romanian assassin twins, Hansel and Gretel. The twins come to a harsh bloody end, this leaves a bitter taste in Rocks mouth. However, he doesn’t have much time to come to terms with this scaring reality. A terrorist organization makes a move against the Triad, they hire the Black Lagoon to take and deliver some crucial documents to US operatives. However, they may be getting more than they bargained for as this terrorist group seems to be better equipped and headed that the Lagoon Traders could have imagined.

My Review: Wow, this volume was quite an exciting ride. We get to see the dramatic ending to the terror of the twins. I though the end was done perfectly, it was quite depressing but seem entirely appropriate for the characters in question. Unlike the previous volume, we get jumped right into the next arc within which we see the return of the Triad gang (from the previous arc). And it is not long until we are introduced to a few new characters, Shenhua, a devilish Chinese assassin who specializes in lethal throwing daggers, and Leigharch a cowardice druggy whose vices get the better of him at an inopportune time. I gotta say, Shenhua is a pretty cool character, I hope that she becomes a regular character, (similar to Eda, the “nun”) and doesn’t only make a one-off appearance. However, I can’t say that Leigharch interests me to any extent.

I rate this manga 3.5/5.


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