Sankarea: Undying Love Review

121380_frontSankarea: Undying Love began airing in the April of 2012. The story revolves around Chihiro Furuya, a young high school student with a bazaar obsession with zombies. His obsession of the undead means that now he has a strong desire to kiss a zombie girl. After an accident causes the death of his cherished pet can, Babu, Chihiro attempts to revive Babu using an ancient manual that details a method of resurrection. During his experiments he meets a girl called Rea Sanka, she has run away from home and in an attempt to commit suicide she drinks some of the potion. She does not die from the potion, however, and argument between her and her controlling, obsessive father causes her to fall off a cliff and die.  But it is not long until the potion shows its effects and she is resurrected. Chihiro swears that he will be there for her and help her live the life she never had when she was alive.

My Review: I’m not really sure how to feel about this anime. It sets itself up as a unique romance anime, but I found that for the most part there was very little romance at all. As a matter of fact, I thought that the whole show was unremarkable. As the possibility of a second season is minimal at best I’d say we will never get anything further. One thing I did really like about it was the characters, in particular, Rea’s relationship with her father, as creepy as it was. I just thought that it was something that doesn’t really get explored too often, the fact that it leads up to her death was pretty interesting and I would have liked to see that get explored in deeper detail than it was.

I rate this anime 2/5.


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