Black Lagoon: Volume 8 Review

cvr9781421527796_9781421527796_hrBlack Lagoon volume 8 was illustrated be Reu Hiroe and was published on 19th of July, 2008. This volume features the next nine chapters (56-64), read the review for the seventh volume here. This volume continues the story of Roberta’s Manhunt. To aid them in their mission, Rock and Revy have enlisted the help of a few old friends, however, they are running out of time and every man and his dog are on the hunt for the “Bloodhound”, The team arrive at an all out bloodbath, Roberta is facing down with the U.S. military black ops unit and the NSA and CIA aren’t far behind. With so much on the line, it is not long until the local gangs get involved with Hotel Moscow mobilizing their units into position to start the all out war that will leave Ruanapur decimated.

My Review: If you read my review on the last volume you will know that I said I fount it to lack much action, this volume certainly makes up for that. Pretty much the entire book is just centered around one big fight that’s raging through the streets. We get to see some nice action and the reappearance of Shenhua and Co. One Issue with the face paced action is that it can sometimes get confusing what was actually happening, partially due to the illustration, this was also because there was just so much happening in different places that it was hard to tell which faction was which. My favorite part of this volume is just before the end, It’s when Garcia Lovelace (The Young Master) confronts Roberta and she has a complete mental breakdown and starts yelling at a hallucination of someone she killed in her past.

I rate this manga 3.5/5.


One thought on “Black Lagoon: Volume 8 Review

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