Black Lagoon: Volume 9 Review

cvr9781421536293_9781421536293_hrBlack Lagoon volume 9 was illustrated be Reu Hiroe and was published on 19th of October, 2009. This volume features the next twelve chapters (65-76), read the review for the eighth volume here. Roanapur is in a state of chaos as Roberta’s assault reaches its climax. Balalaika and Hotel Moscow’s prestigious assault team rain hell down upon Roberta, The U.S. military and the crew of the black lagoon, from the rooftops of Roanapur. All the while Garcia Lovelace, Revy and the rest continue their pursuit of Roberta but all the while she slips further out of their hands. Garcia confronts the U.S. soldiers who murder his father, and he must make the choice whether revenge is what he wants. All the while Roberta continues her decent into madness, falling further away from the life she is fighting to protect.

My Review: This is the longest volume in the entire series so far which is pretty cool because it means that we get to see the end of this massive arc in one big collection. This volume really strays from the main characters, as a matter of fact, Rock and the rest of the crew are barely in it, mostly if just focuses on Garcia Lovelace and the U.S. operatives. Garcia really solidifies his role as a character in the series, when we first met him back in volume 1, he was more of a throwaway character but now he seems more like one of the main characters. There is also a lot of character development for the U.S. soldiers, mainly the Major. On thing that made this volume really tried to drive home was this strong sense of duty and how each side is neither good nor evil, which I really liked. I though this volume does a perfect job of neatly wrapping up the arc and would also work really well as the series finale.

I rate this manga 3.5/5.


2 thoughts on “Black Lagoon: Volume 9 Review

  1. Well,actually the volume focuses upon Rock and his mental effort to really save Garcia and the whole Lovelace family˙all these while Mr Chang had them as expendable chess pawns. Rock really turned the tables,but unfortunately he didn’t know two factors.
    Had he knew them by long time ago he would act differently,they were:The CIA network there,and the Lovelace mentality.The Lovelace have self interest,preconceptions.
    All about how Garcia ultimately disliked Rock,so all the Lovelace disgraced him,”You Bastard”.How weird and ugly together about how they cursed him!

    In the epilogue Chang and Rock have their conversation.And about what topics they talked..

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