Black Lagoon: Volume 10 Review

black-lagoon-vol-10-9781421577722_hrBlack Lagoon volume 10 was illustrated be Reu Hiroe and was published on 19th of May, 2014. This volume features the next eleven chapters (77-87), read the review for the ninth volume here. Benny’s Girlfriend Jane, returns to Roanapur for the fist time since her incident with the counterfeit money plate. She has recruited Feng Yifei, an undercover Chinese spy. Jane tasked her with the job of hacking into a German defence organisation to retrieve some data, however, Jane’s real intention is to use Feng as a tool to blackmail the Chinese Government. The People’s Liberation Army can’t allow Jane’s attack to interfere with their operations, and so they are forced to hire the local mobsters of Roanapur to hunt down and kill Feng. She runs to the only person she has any connections to in Roanapur, Rock. As a result, the crew of the Black Lagoon get pulled into the firing line of her pursuers.

My Review: After the chaotic madness that was the El Baile de la Muerte arc, the light-heartedness of this volume was quite refreshing. To me, this volume felt somewhat isolated from the previous volumes, It does bring up the ending of the Roberta arc, however, it just has a different tone and atmosphere to it. As it stands at the moment I really like Feng as a character, she shares an almost identical story to Rock at the very beginning. This volume explores the technological side of the underbelly world, which is something Black Lagoon hasn’t really looked at before, it’s not a big part of the volume but I still thought it was interesting. One thing that stood out to me was how Jane’s character seems to have changed into the enemy, this could lead to some sort of divide between the crew of the Lagoon in future volumes.

I rate this manga 2.5/5.


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