Futakoi Review

32642209_627062be_i01wm7Futakoi was adapted into anime and released during the end of 2004. The main story revolves around Futami Nozomu, who, (after the death of his mother and his father’s decision to work abroad in Hawaii) returns to his hometown where he lived as a child so that he may study at high school and work part-time at the shrine he is living at. The shrine houses a large stone which is connected to a legend of twin sisters who both loved the same man but turned into birds to avoid the suffering the situation would cause. The stone is rumoured to be the cause of the high number of twins born in the town. However, the legend is said to repeat itself as, upon Futami’s return to the village, he finds himself caught in the affections between six pairs of twins.

My Review: This anime is really strange, not bad, just strange. I found the first episode to be pretty boring and kinda offputting, but I found that it does pick up a bit as it progresses. It’s not really what you would expect for a typical romance, Everyone just seems to be friends. There is only really one major conflict throughout the show, which is between two of the pairs of sisters. So, if you’re looking for drama then this might not be what you want. Even if Futakoi isn’t a super dramatic romantic show, I still enjoyed how bright and happy everything was, there is some “slapstick” humour involving juggling his time with the twin pairs, which was entertaining in a basic manner. I would recommend this for younger audiences or anyone who just want’s something simple to watch.

I rate this anime 2/5.


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