Danganronpa: The Animation Review

139147_frontDanganronpa: The Animation is based on a game of the same name, the show first aired during the latter half of 2013. The show is set in hope’s Peak Academy, an incredibly prestigious school that only admits the students who represent the best of their skills. One of the fifteen students admitted to Academy is Makoto Naegi, a completely unremarkable, ordinary student who only got admitted by pure luck, earning him the title of “Super High School-Level Luck.” Makoto and his fellow students soon come to realise that this is no ordinary high school. They meet  Monokuma, a robotic teddy bear and the school’s principal. He explains that they are trapped in the school and the only hope for them to graduate and escape, is for one of them to murder all the other students without being discovered as the murderer, however, if the killer is found, thy will be executed.

My Review: Before I watched this, I had heard that it wasn’t very good, so I wasn’t expecting much. But I must say that I actually really enjoyed it. It’s not especially unique, it has very standard characters based on singular tropes, but that is not terrible. The plot does some predictable and unpredictable things, but there is a twist at the ending which I don’t think anyone would ever expect. The show does the weird thing and makes the blood pink (due to the Japanese rating system), but I thought that it actually worked really well with the artistic style of the show. I really liked the courthouse scenes where everyone would dramatically accuse each other of being the killer, only for Makoto to somehow have the evidence to prove who the killer is. I also really liked the executions with their weird 3D death contraptions.

I rate this anime 2.5/5.


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