So, I Can’t Play H! Review

UntitledSo, I Can’t Play H! was originally aired from July to September of 2012. The plot follows Ryosuke Kaga, a healthy teenage boy, attending a local high school. One day whilst travelling home from school, he meets a young girl standing alone in the rain. She introduces herself as Lisara Restall, a Goddess of Death, who is visiting the human world in search of “The Singular Man”. Lisara is struggling to remain in the human realm, in an effort to stay there, Ryosuke allows her to take some of his energy, it turns out that Ryosuke is a special case and rather than this energy be taken from his life, it is taken from his teenage, hormone infused lust. The side effect of this action is that he enter a contract with her, there for he must follow and aid her throughout her quest by allowing her to drain his pervert energy.

My Review: This show is not particularly unique or original in many of its concepts. The plots start out fairly straightforward and follow a nice series of events and is very light and easy, but then in the last few episodes everything just goes crazy and there is a complete shift to being incredibly serious, the final few episodes just felt really out of place and, for me, really dampened the ending. I found the show to be pretty easy to watch and it makes for a nice break in between some of the more serious shows. The characters are all very forgettable as their personalities don’t really go any further than the physical traits and most of them don’t add much of anything to the story and really just serve to flesh out the world.

I rate this anime 2.5/5.


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