No Game, No Life Review

81wk2b66xwll-_sl1280_No Game, No Life saw its original release during the mid months of 2014. The story follows Sora and Shiro two siblings with such a strong connection that they could exist as a single entity. Not only that, but they are also the greatest gamers in the world, unable to be bested by anyone in the world. All of this would change when, upon receiving a strange email, they are challenged to a chess game. In a strange turn of events, the pair is pulled into and alternate reality based around games, ruled by Tet, the god of games and the one who summoned them. From this point on the siblings will use their natural born talent to become the rulers of the realm, with the ultimate goal of challenging Tet and becoming recognised as the greatest games in all reality.

My Review: I had heard some mixed opinions regarding this anime. For a start, many of the plot points don’t really make much of a difference, the sibling always seems to win every game no matter what, and they only reason for it being so is so that the plot can progress. On the other hand, the plot itself is actually really interesting, this current season does a great job of setting up the world and hints towards a much larger story that seems like it could be quite interesting, that being the case, I would really like to see a second season of the show. Most of the characters are very throwaway but I do have to say that some of them did make a decent impression. I would definitely recommend this show if you are a fan of other similar series, not to mention that it’s relatively short so it’s great for a quick fix.

I rate this anime 3/5.


One thought on “No Game, No Life Review

  1. I really enjoyed this. While the characters (supporting cast particularly) leave a lot to be desired at times, the basic concept is inherently interesting and I really enjoyed what they did with it. I really would have liked to see a follow up though.


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