Rosario + Vampire Review

UntitledRosario + Vampire first aired from January to March 2008. The story follows Tsukune Aono, your everyday average high school freshman. Unfortunately, due to his poor grades, he is unable to enrol into the school of his choosing. In a strange turn of events; he is mistakenly enrolled into Youkai Academy. Youkai Academy is much like any other high school, the only difference is that this school is for monsters, by monsters. The school has two golden rules, everyone must remain in their human form, and any human found on campus must be exterminated immediately. Tsukune, being human, begins to freak out and starts tossing up the idea of running away from the school forever. The only thing that stops him is his new friend, Moka Akashiya. Now Tsukune must deal with all the dramas involved with life at High school, all the while trying not to be discovered as human.

My Review: I have mixed feelings about this show. There are thinks that I really like, such as the cast of characters. Each one stood out and, particularly in the case of the main characters, really brought the show to life. If it were not for the dynamic between the character then I would not have enjoyed this anywhere as much as I did. On the other hand, however, I thought that the plot was mediocre at best, essentially repeating the same series of events again and again. The animation, particularly on the characters, was pretty bland and very dated, although I did like the general design of the monsters. Never the less, It has to be said that this show has some strong ecchi game, with many views of ladies undergarments, so If you’re looking for some ecchi comedy then, yes, I would watch this one. But as I said before, I wasn’t particularly enamoured with anything past the cast.

I rate this anime 2/5.


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