Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing Review

mang5313_dvd_last_exile_season_2_part_1_2dLast Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing initially aired between October 2011, to March 2012. Fam, the silver wing is the second season of the last exile series. This season follows Fam Fan Fan, a young girl living the life of a sky pirate. She lives with her best friend and co-pilot Giselle Collette in the hidden sky pirate village, Kerfuffle. They spend most of their days “hunting sky fish”, that is to say, they hijack and steal the sky ships of the other humans living in the area. Meanwhile, over the great lake (a sacred place for the people of the world) a peace treaty is about to be signed between the Ades Federation and the Turan Kingdom, that is until the Ades Federation betrays the kingdom and armed with an armada of massive sky battleships begins a full-scale war with plans for world domination.

My Review: This show isn’t really my typical type of show and usually I would have probably never given it any mind, but as it happened I came across the opportunity to pick up the BluRay box set really cheap. I’m pleased to say that I have no regrets. The show itself is very hit or miss. The story was not half-bad although I did think that it took a very zig-zag approach to the narrative and the timeline was a bit jumpy (missing a few events and conversation). Most of the characters were quite interesting although I did think that quite a lot of background was missing (although I haven’t seen the first season yet). The anime wasn’t bad although I did see quite a lot of 3D animation (understandable for a large amount of explosion and ships that needed animating). For the most part the show is quite good and I’m definitely going to be checking out the first season at some point so keep an eye out for that review.

I rate this anime 3/5.


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