Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox Review

UntitledKanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox initially began airing early April of 2008, concluding in June. Kouta is a high school student who is just trying to live his life like any other person, unfortunately, he seems to be having a great to of girl troubles. However, unlike every other person, this trouble comes in the form of the undying affection of several spirit animals who have assumed the form of high school girls. Kouta will do his best to attempt to find some sort of normalcy in his new life, but that is easier said than done whilst in the company of Chizuru, the ever persistent fox spirit. She will test Kouta and see if he can truly resist her feminine charms, all the while surviving all the new challenges posed by being suddenly introduced into the world of spirit animals.

My Review: I’m just gonna be totally honest here and say that I actually started watching this because I thought it was a different show. Needless to say, I was rather confused by what I was actually watching but in the end, I decided to just go with is and see this show through to the end. Anyway, the show wasn’t really my particular cup of tea, the characters we’re fairly standard, conforming to all the main tropes. The show starts out with a fairly decent storyline with actually, quite decent pacing, but quickly turned into one-off filler episodes. Back to my point about the characters, I did think that some of the side characters were worth more screen time than they were actually given, considering how one note the show is. Honestly if you need a show to put on in the background then you could do worse than this, but otherwise, I would just recommend skipping it.


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