Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage Review

UntitledBlack Lagoon: The Second Barrage is the second season and continuation of the Black Lagoon, you can read my review for the first season here. This season was released in October 2006 and ran until mid-December. This season continues on some time after the first and the ex-business man turned pirate has adapted to his new home of Roanapur. Things may seem as though there packing out, unfortunately for Rock and the rest of the crew of the Black Lagoon, trouble is stirring and it’s about to start an all-out war dragging everyone into the black underbelly of the city of sinners. Rock will need to dig deeper than ever if he’s going to stomach what’s ahead of him, whether he takes it all on the chin or runs away with his tail between his legs, his decision will decide the fate of the whole lagoon crew.

My Review: It very hard to write a review for this season, mainly just because it’s so connected to the first that it may as well be one in the same. Anyway, to be completely blatant I felt this season was actually quite underwhelming. It had a really strong start with the Hansel and Gretel fiasco but from then on everything just felt rushed, like so much of the charm that made the first season so great was pulled out. Regardless of that fact though, the show does tackle some much darker themes than previously and has a much stronger focus on the business aspect of gang life particularly at the end where the crew almost take a back seat to the Yakuza squabbles. I would have found this to be a rather poor ending for a series such as this, but thankfully there is still Roberta’s Blood Trail OVA acting as a sort of season three.

I rate this anime 2.5/5.


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