KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Review

konosuba-vol-01-rpKonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! began airing mid-January 2016, concluding in March. The story follows  Kazuma Satou a high school shut-in who, after dying a pathetic humiliating death, find himself before a rather obnoxious blue haired goddess by the name of Aqua. She offers him two choices, either continue to heaven or be reborn in a fantasy world, something that sounded almost too good to be true. Naturally choosing to be reborn, Aqua tasks Kazuma with the quest to vanquish the devil king and grants him the option to take one thing with him when he is reborn. Thinking it a wise choice Kazuma decided to take Aqua with him, little did he know she is absolutely useless causing more trouble than she solves and putting their party in a permanent state of debt to their new world. Unfortunately for Kazuma, this is just the first of unfortunate events to befall him in his new life.

My review: I had seen this anime mention around the web a few time before actually picking it up. From what I had seen it looked decent so I gave it a shot. Not surprisingly I really liked it. The show is quite funny with a very slapstick humour to it. The main character don’t get boring although I found myself frustrated alongside Kazuma at the sheer incompetence of the other party member, causing just about every backwards step the show has. I really had fun with this one, finishing it in a day or so. I just with that the season had been longer, I am aware that there is a second season and will be reviewing it soon but I just would have liked more time in the world. I would recommend giving it a watch if our a fan of this sort of stuff.

I rate this anime 3/5.


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