Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia Review

hybrid-heart-cpHybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia started airing July of 2016 and concluded in September. The story follows Hida Kizuna, a high school student who possesses a Hybrid Hear Gear; a special piece of technology that allows one to summon a powerful suit to aid them in combat. Unfortunately, Hida Kizuna’s Hybrid Heart Gear is not particularly strong meaning that he has never been of much use in a fight. That is until his sister; the head of the strategic defence school, transfers him to the school. Soon after his arrival, the school is attacked by an armada of robots from another dimension. Three women, who are also equipped with Hybrid Hear Gears rush to the defence of the school. It is soon revealed that the Hybrid Heart Gear only has the limited capability; however, the user can become superpowered if they are energised through erotic activities and Hida Kizuna is the only one with the ability to do this.

My Review: Right of the bat, this show pretty much revolves around fan-service, and I mean that in the most literal manner. The “plot” of the show isn’t terrible, I like the idea of the invasion affecting certain land mass and the idea of humanity living on giant floating rafts. But besides that, the show isn’t revolutionary or original. The characters are very cookie cutter personalities and don’t really add anything to the show. Towards the end, the show actually starts to get considerably good in the plot department, throwing in some concepts that I think could be quite cool, but we’re gonna have to wait till season two to actually know anything about them. All in all, the show is primarily fan-service so don’t be expecting anything major, but there are definetly worse shows out there.

I rate this show 4.5/10.


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