Nana Review

UntitledNana first began airing in April 2006 and concluded just under a year later. The show has two main protagonists. The first is Nana Komatsu, an innocent 20-year-old girl who’s life up to this point has been nothing but falling in love and failing ambition. She dreams of leaving her small town and moving to Tokyo to like with Shouji Endo. The other main character is Nana Osaki, a young punk rock singer dreaming of becoming a professional singer. After her bandmate and lover leaves to join an upcoming band, Nana moves to Tokyo to follow her dream. In a twist of fate, the two Nanas end up boarding the same train to Tokyo little did they know that this coincidental encounter would not be their last. The show follows how their fate consistently intertwines how the impact they will leave on each other.

My Review: You may have seen my recent post regarding Nana talking about the drama of the show and trust me there is a lot of drama. The plot goes through alot of emotional ups and downs and really shows the evolution of the characters, the relationships change at the drop of a hat and there’s always some trouble stirring. One thing I noticed was that the characters seemed to change from these deep, complicated people to one note personalities. Also, annoyingly the show ends in a very open-ended way really leaving a lot of questions and considering it’s quite unlikely that we’ll see a second season anytime soon, we’ll just have to read the manga. Overall Nana is a really solid show that is perfect for anyone into slice of life or even music animes. Perfect for veteran and newcomers alike.

I rate this anime 7.5/10.


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