The Familiar of Zero Review

UntitledThe Familiar of Zero first began airing in July 2006. The show centres itself around Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière a nobleman mage boarding at Tristain Academy, the acclaimed school for mages. Louise, herself is boisterous and self-absorbed, however, she lacks any magical talent and has yet to perform a single successful spell, thus dubbing her “Louise the Zero”. Shortly after the start of the new year, the second year students are required to perform a summoning ritual, in which they summon a familiar partner for life. When it comes to Louise’s turn, her efforts are met with a massive explosion, the same as all her other spells. As it turns out, Louise has in fact managed to successfully summon a familiar. However, unlike the rest of her class, she has summoned a human.  Saito Hiraga – the boy in question – understandably begins to freak out at being transported to this new world.

My Review: I came into this expecting a fan-service filled action harem that we’ve all seen a hundred times before. But, surprisingly there was actually a half decent plot. The way the story gradually unravels the secret behind why Saito was summoned was well executed, along with the introduction of other items that had previously beat transported from Japan. In terms of artistic style, this anime is considerably stylised, in a much more round and simple fashion, which I think suits the more upbeat atmosphere of the show. The show also has some surprisingly emotional moments that I wasn’t expecting, which I really liked. This anime it a pretty easy watch, I managed to finish it in a day or two. I have yet to watch the second season but you can be sure that I will definitely be following that up.

I rate this anime 6.5/10.


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