Punch Line Review

UntitledPunch line first aired in April of 2015. The story begins with Yuuta Iridatsu an entirely unremarkable high school kid who, for some reason, faints at the sight of panties. One day Yuuta is minding his own business when his bus gets hijacked by several armed individuals, unfortunately for them, however, local vigilante Strange Juice arrives on the scene and quickly dispatches of goons. During this incident Yuuta gets his soul separated from his body, putting him in quite the peculiar situation. Now able to travel around has he pleases Yuuta’s soul takes it upon himself to perv on the many girls in his apartment. The only downside is that every time he faints from excitement, a meteor destroys the Earth.

My Review: Punch Line is a very forgettable show. To be completely honest, I really can’t remember much of the plot and most of the characters leave anything but a lasting imprint. That being said, much of what I do remember of the show revolves around the comedy. The show is basically what you would come to expect from a typical ecchi anime, plenty of fan-service which is fine, however, it has to say something about your show when that the most memorable part. Although in saying that, I thought the premise of Yuuta being a soul and getting to travel around solve the mystery was pretty interesting. I also liked the whole time restarting thing was pretty cool and added a nice sense of depth to the show.

I rate this anime 4.5/10.


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