Claymore Review

In celebration of the anniversary month, here is the very first review I ever wrote.

The Anime Accord

a2faa9129e95Claymore is a anime that was released in 2007. It revolves around a warrior called Clare who works for the organization. She spends her life going from job to job hunting monster called Yoma, a horrifying beast that preys upon humans. In order to combat these creatures, Claymores (Part human, part Yoma) are dispatched to hunt them and kill them. During one mission Clare meets a young boy called Raki, whose family has been slaughtered by a Yoma that is plaguing his village. Raki is fascinated by Clare and tries to learn as much as he can about her and the Claymores. Clare can not comprehend his intrigue as everyone else she has meet has only looked upon her with fear. Eventually, Clare finds and kills the Yoma. She then immediately leaves the village, at the same time Raki is ostracized from his village as the people fear he may be infected. He then tries…

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