Attack on Titan Season 2 Review

14906078501120Attack on Titan season 2 began airing in April of 2017 and continues on from the events of the first season (Read my review for season 1 here). The world is dominated by huge carnivorous creatures and the remaining humans have found themselves trapped within the walls that were designed to protect them. Annie Leonhart, recently outed as a titan, has been captured, however, the aftermath of her struggle has only uprooted more mysteries. Eren Yeager and the rest of the 104th cadet core scout regiment are still recovering from their fight against Annie, when Wall Rose is invaded by titans, threatening the already fragile life of surviving humans. As the rapidly diminishing forces of the scout regiment rush to the heart of Titan country to look for a means of combatting the invasion, a new threat will arise. Along with this, there also appears to be more titans among the ranks of the scout regiment itself.

My review: Attack on Titan season 2 is, in my opinion, far better than the first. I found season 1 to drag on for far too long and was just generally boring, however season two it very much the opposite. We finally start to learn about the mysteries of the Titans, as well as what happened on the day that the outer wall was destroyed. I was really excited to see the beast Titan and would have really liked to have seen it have more screen time, perhaps shortening some of those flashbacks that the series seems so fond of. Unlike season 1, I would have preferred this season be longer so that we could learn a little more about this basement that thay have been going on about for the last two seasons. Other than the ever-present disclosure of the series, Season 2 is a big step in the right direction and I eagerly await its return (hopefully before three years time).

I rate this anime 7.5/10.


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3 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Season 2 Review

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  2. I really liked the first half of season 2, but then found the show kind of fell back into bad habits from season 1 so by the end I was left with much the same impression. I like Attack on Titan, I’m just not obsessive about it and there are some real issues with the storyline at this point that I’m hoping eventually get sorted out.


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