Bloody Monday: Volume 1 Review

kd181960Bloody Monday is a series written by  Ryumon Ryou and was illustrated by Megumi Kouji. The first volume was published on 23st of August 2011. This volume features the first five chapters (01-05). The story of Bloody Monday follows a high schooler by the name of Takagi Fujimaru, but despite his ordinary exterior, Fujimaru is actually a genius hacker. Under the mantle of “Falcon”, Fujimaru uses his skills to fight for what he thinks is right, while also working part-time helping this fathers company, (which just so happens to be a secret spy agency called Third-I). However, Fujimaru’s world is flipped upside down when his father is framed for murder. Now he must use his hacking talent to protect his sister and cleat his father’s name, but it seems that his whole family is now part of something bigger.



Image result
Fujimaru’s hacking skills at work

My Review: Once upon a time, I read the first chapter of this series but I had different tastes at the time, so I really didn’t have much interest. Now I have just stumbled upon a good portion of the series at my local library, so I picked them up to give it a bit of a read. Volume 1 is a fairly decent introduction, we get to meed all the character as well and understand some of the points of interest, which is all fairly standard fare. Towards the end of the volume is where the plot starts to pick up and we start to see momentum building. The issue I have is that there is a short sub-plot at the start (which may or may not pay off later) and as such, it takes a bit longer for the ball to get rolling. My other issue is the books use of computer terms, it just comes across as schlock, but if you ignore it then there not much issue. I’m enjoying the series so far and I look forward to reading more.



I rate this manga 5.5/10.

Thanks for reading!


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