Bloody Monday: Volume 3 Review

BMV3Bloody Monday is a series written by  Ryumon Ryou and was illustrated by Megumi Kouji. The third volume was published on 20th of December 2011. This volume features the next nine chapters (15-23). You can read my review of the second volume here. This volume begins with Fujimaru and Otoya going to pay Ms. Orihara (Maya) a visit. She had previously dismissed Fujimaru’s suspicion of her involvement with “the Christmas Massacre”, However, Otaya provides a piece of information that leaves Ms. Orihara’s alibi in shambles. When their plan to secure evidence of her crime goes awry, Fujimaru will need to think on his feet to keep inconspicuous or risk becoming another one of Ms. Orihara’s victims. While all this is occurring, more of the terrorist organisation start to crawl out of the woodworks as Fujimaru draws a connection between his current predicament and his actions in the events two years prior.

018My Review: Volume 3 of Bloody Monday was far more interesting than the last two volumes. The partition of the book where Fujimaru and Maya are trying to sus each other out was pretty entertaining, it really reminded me of Deathnote if not a bit sillier. The rest of the volume is mostly dedicated to an action event that involved Fujimaru using his super hacker powers is a somewhat entirely unbelievable manner. My suspension of belief just can’t allow me to accept that Fujimaru is able to hack into the building and control the light, speakers and what not. I may be wrong but I have a feeling that that’s not how buildings work. Still, it was entertaining and had enough interesting action to keep it fresh and exciting. The rest of the volume consists of an introduction to the new villain characters who seem to be rather one-note, I guess we’ll need to wait and see.

I rate this manga 6.5/10.

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