Mini-Review: Tsuredure Children

Tsuredure childrenTsuredure Children is an anthology of several stories that each depict a budding romance between several pairs of high school students. Each couple must learn what it means to be a couple, this means dealing with confessing, hanging out, affection or even the real meaning of love. And so each couple will need to learn to grow as individuals and as couples, learning that things don’t always stay the same.

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My Review: Ok so my biggest complaint with this series is that there are far too many characters. MAL lists 12 main characters, like, that is way too many characters to learn and get invested in. Especially since there is really only 6 standard episodes of content (the show itself is 12, 12 minute long episodes). My second issues is how the rapid jump between characters make the overall plot damn near impossible to follow and by the halfway point I just stopped caring about all but one couple (Takeru Gouda & Ayaka Kamine). I can understand how someone else might really enjoy this, but I found the show to be too cluttered and unfocused.

I rate this anime 4.5/10.

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