Platinum End: Volume 4 Review

platinum-end-vol-4-9781421595825_hrPlatinum End volume 4 was written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. This volume was published on 14st of December 2017. This volume features the fourth three chapters (10-12), read my review for the third volume here. This volume starts with a battle between Mirai, Nanato and “Metro Policeman”. Nanato is leading the charge against Metro, trying to outwit him to allow Mirai to get a hit in. However in a bit to save Nanato from being killed, Mirai loses control and starts a barrage of attacks against Metro. Now with Mirai keeping Metro distracted, Nanato manages to destroy part of the Metro Policeman armour. That is how Mirai manages to catch a glimpse of the man behind the helmet. From them on all of their attention will go towards tracking down how Metro Policeman really is. Meanwhile, Saki starts to realise that to this point she has been of little but a burden to everyone.


Mirai’s fight with Metro

My Review: Alright so I was super into this volume right up until the end. The fight scene with Mirai and Metro was awesome, it was just some A-Grade action. The coolest part for me was realizing that you can use arrows as shields against other arrows, this lead to a more sword style fight, which was pretty sweet. My point of contention with this volume is with Saki’s character revelation. Everything was going brilliantly, her confession to Mirai of how she betrayed him, her guilt for his suicide and her plea to him for her own death. The following scene was really great in how Mirai forces Saki to make a choice. If that had been the end of the volume everything would be fine, however, there is one five-page section that has Saki acting as a completely different person. I understand that her personality might change a bit after the previous event but the shift is so dramatic and sudden that I find it quite unbelievable.


I rate this manga 7/10.

Thanks for reading!


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