Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Episode 3 + 4 Review

The Heretical… Twintail (Episode 3):

12312.jpgTime is passing and Yuuta and Rikka continue to grow as friends. But now the time has come to chose a club for school activities, because what sort of anime high school would this be without a club.

The gang then set about surveying all the different club opportunities, ranging from cheerleading to drama. However, Rikka decides that instead of joining a club she will create her own club while at the same time, assimilating the failing “Nap Club”.

And so the new “Far Eastern Magic Society” club is born, with the sole purpose being to study the almost certainly fictional invisible boundary lines. As I just mentioned the “Nap club” is drawn into the FEMS and I think this is where we see the just how two dimensional some of these characters are. Kumin, in particular, becomes a one trick pony whos only real characteristic is that she sleeps a lot.

12312.jpgThis episode is also when we are introduced to Sanae Dekomori, Rikka’s underling and fellow delusional. She doesn’t play much of a role in the events, merely serving a supporter for Rikka, although she has more character than Kumin and does add to the humour of the show so I’m not too miffed.

Regret of… the Scriptures of Darkness (Mabinogion) (Episode 4):

12312.jpgYuuta finds himself pondering why Shinka, one of the most popular girls in the school would want to join the “Far Eastern Magic Society”, especially when she is already part of the cheerleading club. She asks Yuuta if she can visit his house for some unexplained reason, so naturally, Yuuta agrees and comes up with a plan to keep  Rikka and Sanae off his back for some time.

As it turns out, however, Shinka has only one thing in mind retrieving a journal that had ended up in Yuuta’s position. It is revealed that this journal (The Mabinogion) was written by Shinka during her very own Chunibyo phase, and she wishes to destroy it burying her past embarrassments. As the book burns, Shinka reveals that her only reason for joining the FEMS was to retrieve and destroy the book, but is surprised and outraged to learn that Sanae has multiple copies, meaning that her work is far from done.

12312.jpgThis is a turning point for this character, much like Kumin, Shinka goes from being a nice, friendly person to an outright jerk. Thus cementing her personality for the rest of the series and quickly becoming a very unlikeable character. However, I do have to admit that I like the dynamic of her being an Ex-Chunibyo like Yuuta, adding just that bit more diversity to the cast.

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