Silhouette: Shiroe

Shiroe is one of the main characters from the Log Horizon series. Become becoming trapped in the video game Elder Tale, Shiroe was an introverted engineering major who spent most of his free time playing MMOs. After the incident, Shiroe forms the guild “Log Horizon” and from then on has built his reputation as “the villain in glasses” due to his tactical genius.

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Silhouette: Ken Kaneki

Ken Kaneki is the main protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul. Originally living as a Japanese Literature student, Ken’s life was turned upside down when his date with Rize Kamishiro results in his becoming a ghoul. Since then Ken has made a name for himself in the ghoul world, gaining the nicknames of Eyepatch, due to his unique one-eyed appearance. After being kidnapped and tortured by Aogiri Tree, Ken suffered a massive shift in personality and thus teamed up with Aogiri Tree to fight the humans.

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