The Armoury: Lambent Light

The Lambent Light is a one handed rapier wielded by Asuna during her time in Sword Art Online. Used in combination with Asuna’s high-speed stat earned her the name “The Flash”. The sword was forged by Lisbeth and consists of a thin silver blade with a circular light blue handguard and blue gem embedded in the centre. This rapier is what was used to deal the finishing blow to Heathcliff; ending SAO.

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The Armoury: Ban’s three section staff

Initially, Ban wielded his sacred treasure Courechouse; his sacred treasure. However, after having it stolen during his imprisonment, since then he has had to replace it with a three section staff. The weapon is made of three lengths of metal rod, connected by a chain. Ban is considerably skilled with the weapon being able to use it to grab objects from a great distance and rip the heart out of demons.

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The Armoury: Dragon Handle

Originally part of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness, the dragon handle holds the key to reviving the demon clan. Due to unknown circumstances, Meliodas acquired the sword and has since never let go of it. The hilt appears as a broken sword with a green dragon as the handle. While effectively just being a broken sword, when used in conjunction with Meliodas’ “Full Counter” ability, it becomes a powerful weapon capable of besting even the strongest enemy.

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The Armoury: Fire Dragon Slayer Magic

Fire dragon slayer magic is a powerful magical ability that allows the wielder control over immensely powerful fire spells. The original style was adapted from the dragons themselves in order fight back and kill the dragon overlords. However, when Natsu was a young child, before he joined the fairytail guild, he was raied by Igneel who taught him the art of fire dragon slayer magic. The magic is a lost art is primarily isolated to Natsu alone.

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The Armoury: Kurikara

Kurikara is a powerful demon sword used throughout Blue Exorcist, primarily by Rin. Originally the sword was forged in order to protect Kyoto from rampant spirits. Many years later after being used to vanquish the Impure King, the sword had Rin Okumura’s (the son of Satan) daemon heart infused into it, sealing away his powers until the sword was unsheathed.