Top 10: Favourite Openings

Welcome to our monthly Top 10 anime list.
This month I am sharing some of my favourite anime openings. I will be taking into account the song and animation for each intro, as both are equally important for a catchy opening. This list isn’t in any particular order I’ve just numbered it for simplicity.

10. Darker than Black: The Black Contractor (Opening 1)

Song: “Howling”, By Abingdon Boys School

What better song for an action anime than the high-energy beat of this song. That being said, the visuals are considerably slower than the beat so it kind of doesn’t fit together well. Regardless this is still a really great opening.

9. Deadman Wonderland

Song: “One Reason”, By DWB (feat. Fade)

There are very few anime where I don’t just end up skipping the opening because I’m sick of hearing it over and over again. But while there wasn’t a single episode of Deadman Wonderland where I skipped this opening.

8. Absolute Duo

Song: “Absolute Soul”, By Konomi Suzuki

The song here is pretty fun, but what really makes it stand out to me is the way it matched the jumpy visuals so well. It’s pretty exciting and definitely gets you really to see some action.

7. Death Parade

Song: “Flyers”, by BRADIO

This intro is just so much fun. Every time I hear it, I just want to dance along. Which creates this weird contrast with how dark the show itself is. If you’ve seen the show then you’ll know what I mean, first time I saw this I wasnt sure I was wachting the same show it was that out of place.

6. When They Cry

Song: “Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni”, by Eiko Shimamiya

This intro is great, and it matches perfectly with the show its self. The dark, cryptic chanting matches the psychedelic flowers imagery to a tee. It sentiently makes a shiver run down my spine.

5. Date A Live (Opening 1)

Song: “Date A Live“, by sweet ARMS

This one is just a really fun song to open a really fun anime. To be honest the vocals aren’t really all that interesting but to me, the backing track really stands out. The whole opening really gets me pumped up for an episode.

4. Brynhildr in the Darkness (Opening 2)

Song: “Virtue and Vice” by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Probably not the style of music most people listen to but I just find this opening song to have so much energy, just makes me want to sing along. Although I do think that some of the visuals seem a little out of place.

3. Fairytail (Opening 21)

Song: “Believe in Myself“, by Edge of Life

I really like this opening, out of all of the openings Fairytail has had I think this one really stands out the most. Particularly with the arc, it’s paired with really combining with the visuals to add a sense of urgency and action.

2. Tokyo Ghoul (Opening 1)

Song: “Unravel”, by TK

I tried my best to avoid obvious picks for the list but this is the exception. The art style of this opening is absolutely beautiful and wonderfully vivid and colourful. The song also really sets the tone for the more emotional themes of Tokyo Ghoul.

1. Hellsing

Song: “Logos Naki World”, by Yasushi Ishii

We don’t see many opening like this one nowadays, the song has a really fun high-energy but steady and dark sound, fitting the visuals really well. I really love how despite everything going on in the visuals, we still get the feeling of just casually walking through it all, much like Alucard.


Thank you for reading my list, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have an idea of something you feel should have been on the list then leave a comment and let me know.


Deadman Wonderland: Volume 4 Review

71oypyyrq1lDeadman Wonderland volume 4 was written by Jinsei Kataoka and illustrated by Kazuma Kondou. This volume features the next four chapters (13-16) in the series, Read my review for the third volume here. Ganta is recruited by Scar Chain, a group of Deadmen who are anti-establishment freedom fighters. They explain their plan to incur a mass prison break and deliver a data package to one of the parks inspectors, the data was to detail the deep secrets behind Deadman Wonderland, exposing the promoter and his evil deeds. Nagi convinces Ganta to join in on the escape attempt, however, the group will need to pull together as a traitor among the group would have appeared to have alerted the undertakers to the plan. Ganta will need to think on his feet and learn to let go of those he cares about if he is ever to survive.
My Review: This volume seemed to take the action down a notch. What I mean by that is that it is a lot tamer that what I have seen in previous issues. There is a neat little twist with the identity of the traitor, although I would say that it doesn’t really make quite the impact that Jinsei Kataoka was going for, still, it was pretty cool. Yet again we get more exposition about some of the characters, some of this is somewhat average and some of it is actually pretty interesting. Particularly in the case of Hibana Daida, it seemed like she was going to have an interesting origin but it doesn’t really go into any detail. One thing that this volume does really well is that the whole thing seems to be leading up to a big event. I dont think that I liked this volume as much as the previous one, but I think that it will be critical in the future.
I rate the manga 2/5.

Deadman Wonderland: Volume 3 Review

cvr9781421564111_9781421564111_hrDeadman Wonderland volume 3 was written by Jinsei Kataoka and illustrated by Kazuma Kondou. This volume features the next four chapters (09-12) in the series, Read my review for the second volume here. In this volume, Ganta enters the Carnival Corpse for the second time but this time he is up against Minatsuki, a seemingly innocent young girl with a shy nature, this fight goes against everything Ganta stands for, however, he will need to learn to shake of his childish ways if he is going to survive what lies ahead of him. After this ordeal, Ganta is introduced to a secret group of deadmen planning a revolt against the prison. This Group, called Scar Chain, introduces Ganta to a new way of living in G ward, giving him hope of freedom, however, all of this is threatened when Azuma Genkaku, one of the prisons undertakers shows up on the scene.

My Review: The series is really starting to pick up.This volume is so far the most depraved and violent of the series. All of the characters are starting to show their true colours and we start to learn a lot about the history between Ganta and Shero, as well as some history about some of the other characters. There is still quite a lot of mystery regarding the wretched egg which I’m really looking forward to reading. I quite like how with every fight Ganta is slowly learning how to use his Branch of Sin to is full extent. I not all too fond to this new introduction of the Uber Monk, he doesn’t really seem to add much other than just bring a new obstacle to overcome, but we shall see.

I rate this manga 2.5/5.


Deadman Wonderland: Volume 2 Review

cvr9781421564104_9781421564104_hrDeadman Wonderland volume 2 was written by Jinsei Kataoka and illustrated by Kazuma Kondou. This volume features the next four chapters (05-08), read the review for the first volume here. After Ganta is framed for the murder of his classmates, he is sentenced to death in the eccentric Themepark/Prison Deadman Wonderland. Ganta is beginning to learn about life inside the hellish penitentiary. He learns that the “Red Man”, the one truly responsible for the murder of his friends and the cause of his situation, is located somewhere inside the prison, in the hidden bowels of the prison, known only as G-ward. Ganta, along with Shiro and Yō, head deep into the prison to confront the Redman and demand answers and vengeance, However, instead they discover a strange me seems to wield the same power as Ganta and bizarrely refers to Ganta as Woodpecker. 

My Review: The series is really starting to pick up beat, we get to see our first big fight between two Branch of Sin users, which I thought was really cool and also does a pretty decent job of introducing Kiyomasa Senji. Along with this, we are also introduced to this whole separate unit of DW which everyone is completely oblivious too, I really like the concept of the Carnival Corpse punishment game and I can see it being an interesting tool in future volumes. One thing I didn’t really care much for was most of the new characters introduced in G-ward, most of them are pretty throw away and I don’t see myself really remembering many of them in the future. It also seems like some concepts are getting changed or forgotten along the way, It’s not really a big problem but it’s just something I noticed.

I rate this manga 3/5.


Deadman Wonderland: Volume 1 Review

dd4Deadman Wonderland volume 1 was written by Jinsei Kataoka and illustrated by Kazuma Kondou. This volume features the first four chapters (01-04). The story begins with Ganta Igarashii sitting in class discussing the upcoming school field trip to Deadman Wonderland, the notorious prison/theme park. Then, from out of nowhere a mysterious red man appears and instantly brutalises everyone in the classroom. As the only surviving student Ganta is framed and sentenced to imprisonment and death in the aforementioned Deadman Wonderland prison. The difference about this prison is that all the inmates are forced to participate in depraved theme park attractions for the enjoyment of the viewing public, who are entirely unaware of the reality of the prison. Despite his imprisonment, Ganta is determined to prove his innocence and escape this treacherous and twisted land of Deadman Wonderland.

My Review: I really love the Deadman Wonderland series, I just think the concept is really cool and I’m absolutely in love with the Branch of Sin weapon. This volume does a great job of setting up the environment that DW is set in. I found that it really builds up the mystery of the Red Man and the particulars surrounding Ganta’s predicament. Not a whole lot actually happens in the volume, were introduced to a few characters and some really cool concepts, I really like the concept of the “candy” preventing the death sentence. The action is somewhat limited, however, there is a pretty exciting race/obstacle course. Shiro seems like she could be a really interesting character, I am really interested in finding out, in more detail, why she is so attached to Ganta and why she is so free in DW. All in all I think that this was a solid start to the series.

I rate this manga 2.5/5.