Happy Halloween

Hello, everyone, It’s Halloween and everyone knows that that means its time to get spooky. And what better way to do that by sitting down and watching a spooky anime. If you stuck for something to watch then I got you covered.

For something on the gory side why not check out one of these:

  • Parasyte -the maxim-
  • When They Cry
  • Another
  • Hellsing
  • Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Or perhaps you in the mood for something a little more subtle:

  • Monster
  • The Future Diary
  • Hell Girl
  • School-Live!

With all that in mind, I wish you all a spooky Halloween. Don’t let the monster bite.

Platimum End: Volume 1 Review

c12bplatinum2bend2bt01Platinum End volume 1 was written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. This volume was published on 20th of October, 2016. This volume features the first three chapters (01-03). This volume introduces Mirai Kakehashi, a burned middle schooler on the day of his graduation. As all his fellow students rejoice around him, Mirai feels his life is over and decides to take matters into his own hands. Stepping up to the edge of the building, Mirai says the words that would change his life “I wish I could have been happy” As the pavement rushes towards his face, he is stopped by some miraculous force, An angel, more specifically an angel that promises him the happiness he wants to so dearly have. The Angels announce herself as Nasse, Mirai’s guardian angels, and bestows upon him the wings and arrows of an angel. However with these angelic gifts come an enrollment into a mandatory game, a game to decide who the new God will be.

My Review: I just sort of stumble upon this manga while perusing my local bookstore, I gave a quick flick through and thought “why not”? So I bought the book and you know what, it is pretty good. I would describe it as a sort of “Death Note X Future Diary” which kind of makes sense, since Tsugumi Ohba wrote death note. From what I can tell, the plot is really just kicking in during this volume but it definitely seems to be quite promising. The two main characters also seem to be quite interesting, especially how the angels aren’t goody-two-shoes but rather, more of an omnipotent being with no sense of morality. I definitely have high hope for Platinum End and can’t wait to read more. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes Death Note and Future Diary.

I rate this manga 7.5/10.


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Top 10: Great Psychological Animes

Welcome to our monthly Top 10 anime list.
This month I am going to be discussing some great psychological animes that I really enjoy.  This list isn’t in any particular order I’ve just numbered it for simplicity.

10. Monster

Dr. Kenzou Tenma, the brilliant brain surgeon with a budding future and renown skills. All of that changes when he is forced to make a choice, either save the life of the town’s mayor or save a young boy, either way, he forfeits the life of the other. However, a series of murders begin occoring and all signs point towards the boy as the killer.

Image result


9. When They Cry

The story of a young boy who, when moving to a new town begins attending a school and making friends. However, during the village’s yearly festival for the local god, a mysterious series of murders gets these local villages kids caught up in the disastrous cycle of death. A show wedged deep in the roots of insanity.

Image result

(When They Cry)

8. The Future Diary

Yukiteru Amano, a solitary high school student who spends all his time writing everything around him down in his diary in extensive detail. That is until his supposedly imaginary friends offer him the chance to participate in a mysterious game to decide the new king of time and space. Yukiteru will be forced to team up with his Yandere stalker if he is to survive the game.

Related image

(The Future Diary)

7. Elfen Lied

The story of a girl named Lucy, a rare breed of humans called Diclonius. Characterised by horns and invisible telekinetic hands the Diclonius are imprisoned and experimented on by cruel scientist. Lucy manages to escape the scientific facility, in the process getting shot in the head and gaining amnesia. After washing up on the shore of a small town, Lucy is taken in by two strangers. Little do they know that the Scientist will do whatever it takes to retrieve Lucy.

Image result

(Elfen Lied)

6. Parasyte -the maxim-

When a species of parasitic aliens arrive on earth, the set about world domination by burrowing into the brains of their human victims, claiming them as hosts. It is not long until the aliens have full control of the human race. Unfortunately for them, one parasite failed to infect the brain of Shinichi Izumi, instead inhabiting his hand. He will be the only one able to stand against the invasion.

Image result

(Parasyte -the maxim-)

5. Death Parade

Set in a neon-fueled bar caught between life and death, Death Parade shows what lurks behind the mask of the average human. After death, two people must play a “friendly” bar game to see who will be re-born and who will be lost to purgatory, forever.

Related image

(Death Parade)

4. Death Note

After the Shinigami – Ryuk – drops a mysterious notebook into the human world, Shining prodigy Light Yagami discovers that it has the power to kill whoever name is written in it. Light then sets out to rid the world of everyone he deems “unworthy” however, it won’t be long until he begins to get a little to power crazy. And thus begins the path of his undoing.

Image result for Death note horror scene

(Death Note)

3. Danganronpa

Hope’s Peak Academy, a school for only the very best individuals who show shining promise in a particular characteristic. Unfortunately for these fifteen students, the only way to graduate is to murder the other students and successfully get away with it.

Image result for danganronpa anime horror scene


2. Ergo Proxy

Humanity has fallen and one of the last remnants of civilisation resides in the hopeless city of Romdo. The humans have developed AutoReivs, robotic assistants that aid them in their daily lives. However, it seems that somehow the “Cogito Virus” is giving these AutoReivs self-awarenes.

Image result

(Ergo Proxy)

1. Hell Girl

There is a rumour, that if you visit a website called Hell Correspondence at the stroke of midnight, you can enter the name of your tormentor and have their soul ferried to hell by Ai Enma. In exchange, you must sell your own soul and become assigned to an eternity of torment in hell.Image result

(Hell Girl)

Thank you for reading my list, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have an idea of something you feel should have been on the list then leave a comment and let me know.


Future Diary Review

FA1_DVDGjacketFuture Diary first aired from October 2011 to April 2012. The story follows Yukiteru Amano, a loner high school student who spends his days writing observations down into his diary that he keeps on his phone. Then, one day while conversing with his only two friends, Deus Ex Machina the god of time and space, and Murmur, the god’s servant, who he thought to be imaginary,  reveal themselves to actually be real entities. Deus Ex Machina grants Yukiteru’s diary the power to see into the future and detail the events that will happen to him. The god then goes on to explain that he wishes Yukiteru, along with eleven others, to compete in a bloody game to death and betrail to determine Deus’s successor. Yukiteru teams up with his obsessed stalker Yuno in attempts to be crowned the new god of time and space.

My Review: I quite often hear Future Diary receive a lot of attention, none of it is particularly positive or negative, however, one thing that is mentioned often is that in the past, this is the anime where quite a few of people find out about what a yandere is, the character trait does have a considerable impact on the show but it does seem like it could be overpowering some of the other concepts in play, I feel that more focus could have gone into the development of the diary concept, and perhaps spent a little more time developing some of the  other competitors rather than just having them as one of the characters. I do have to say thought that towards the end, the plot goes quite off the rails and if you struggle with concepts of alternate dimensions, time travel and the like then you will probably get quite lost.

I rate this anime 2.5/5.