Happy Halloween

Hello, everyone, It’s Halloween and everyone knows that that means its time to get spooky. And what better way to do that by sitting down and watching a spooky anime. If you stuck for something to watch then I got you covered.

For something on the gory side why not check out one of these:

  • Parasyte -the maxim-
  • When They Cry
  • Another
  • Hellsing
  • Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Or perhaps you in the mood for something a little more subtle:

  • Monster
  • The Future Diary
  • Hell Girl
  • School-Live!

With all that in mind, I wish you all a spooky Halloween. Don’t let the monster bite.

Top 10: My Favourite Animes

Welcome to our monthly Top 10 anime list.
This month is the Anime Accords first anniversary and celebration I’m going to be sharing some of my all time favourite animes, either ones that I really, really loved or just ones that have a lot of sentimental value to me.  This list isn’t in any particular order I’ve just numbered it for simplicity.

10. Deadman Wonderland

There is a lot I love about this show, the action, the story, the concepts I love it all (except for Gantas crybaby attitude). So it may come as no real shock when I say that I was instantly hooked on DW from the very second I heard the start of the awesome opening song.

Image result
(Deadman Wonderland)

9. Sword Art Online

Ahh, Sword Art Online many love it, many hate, guess which side of the fence I fall on. Way back when the concept was still fresh SAO really grabbed my attention and pulled my right in, never had an anime seemed so magical and brilliant. Since then my eyes can clearly see the gaping holes in this show’s plot, but that hasn’t stopped me from loving it.

Image result for sword art online screenshots
(Sword Art Online)

8. Haganai: I don’t have many friends

This show is great, why? I don’t know, I just like it. Haganai is a show about a bunch of people with no friends who form a group with the purpose of making friends. As the story progresses they all become closer as people, yet they don’t recognise each other as friends. It’s all very convoluted but still an entertaining show. Denifitly needs a season 3.

Image result
(Haganai: I don’t have many friends)

7. Elfen Lied

The deeply disturbing Elfen Lied was second anime I tucked away under my proverbial belt and it has definitely had a lasting impression. As I said in my review, Elfen Lied is the kind of show that I compare every other show of the like too. Plus, you know you’re hooked when you watch the entire show in just one day.

Image result for elfen lied screenshots
(Elfen Lied)

6. Naruto

I remember watching Naruto way back when I was just a little kid, and it wasn’t till only a few years ago that I actually went through and watch all the episodes, including the fillers (AKA curry of life arc). And to this day I’ll still sit down and watch a bit of Naruto.

Image result for naruto screenshots
(Naruto Shippuden)

5. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

This show is one of strange connection for me. For some reason, I strongly associate with the main character and that just make all the drama so much more effective. There is a lot I love about this show but there’s no real way for me to put it into words. If I had to try, I’d say it comes to down right solid character and story writing.

Image result for My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU screenshots
(My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)

4. Hellsing Ultimate

How could I not put this here, the dark humour and grizzled gore is what makes Hellsing so special. The true meaning of vampire is fear and this show encompasses that perfectly, plus whats more fun than a British vampire butchering waves of zombie nazis.

Image result for Hellsing screenshots
(Hellsing Ultimate)

3. Samurai Champloo

Hip-hop samurai, you would not be mistaken for thinking that that marriage of ideas would work out too well, but this show is the proof. On top of the brilliant animation, the characters and settings are what really make this show stand out. I personally really love the cohesion of Edo era and modern era elements and the way they create this totally historically inaccurate culture that still works.

Image result for Samurai Champloo screenshots
(Samurai Champloo)

2. Gantz

Here we have the very first anime I ever watched fully. And the anime that got me hooked into anime to begin with. Not only is Gantz full of gore and death but there is a lot of strong Phycological tension as well. It might not be a masterpiece but it will always be my first anime.

Image result for gantz anime

1. Fairy Tail

If you have seen any of my other blog posts then you may have noticed that Fairy Tail makes its way into my writings fairly often, and there’s a reason for that, I like it. Being the series that I have followed the longest Fairy Tail has really be one of the major animes in my anime career and it will always an important series to me.

Image result
(Fairy Tail)

Thank you for reading my list, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have an idea of something I should make a top 10 about list then leave a comment and let me know.


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Mini-Review: Hellsing: The Dawn

UntitledHellsing: The Dawn is a three part OVA series that was released between July 27th, 2011 and December 26th, 2012. The story follows the young Walter and (female) Alucard as they journey into Nazi-occupied Poland on a mission from the Hellsing organisation. Their goal is to put an end to all of the Nazi’s experimentation into their creation of artificial vampires.

My Review: For anyone who, like me, have seen the main series of Hellsing (Hellsing Ultimate) may have been expecting some of a similar calibre to the main series. Well, unfortunately, Hellsing: The Dawn is nothing like that. The art style is very much the same unfortunately the story really pulls this down. While meant as a prequel to the main series, this OVA series tries to answer some of the questions that were left unanswered, which it does. But apart from that this OVA offers nothing to the series.

I rate this anime 3/10.


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The Armoury: The Jackal

The Hellsing ARMS 13 mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol: Jackal (AKA The Jackal) is a powerful handgun crafted just for Alucard in the Hellsing series. The weapon was originally crafted by Walter C. Dornez with the intention of exterminating Alexander Anderson, one of Alucard’s Foes. The weapon has the words “Jesus Christ is in Heaven now” etched into the barrel. The gun is 39cm in length, weighs 16kg and fires 13mm explosive rounds.

Hellsing Review

e0cHellsing began airing in 2001 and is based on the manga of the same name that was written by Kouta Hirano, the show uses the same characters and settings but follows a different plot. This iteration follows Alucard an extremely powerful vampire who is contracted to the Hellsing organisation, running under the lead of Sir Integra Hellsing, a cunning noblewoman. The role of the organisation is to hunt and kill all the creatures of the night who oppose the British crown. During one of his missions, Alucard is fighting against a vampiric priest who is turning several military operatives into ghouls. One of these operatives is held captive by the priest and Alucard is forced to shoot through her to kill the priest. In order to save her life, Alucard bestows onto her vampiric powers and enrols her to become his protege and partner. Together, they, under the command of the Hellsing Organization, must fight against the undead uprising.

My Review: I watch this Hellsing after seeing the newer Hellsing Ulitmate and I have to say, this one serenity holds up. At times the dialogue can seem a bit dated and lacklustre as we are used to seeing with the older translation of anime. The story itself is quite good even if it tends to get a bit confusing, especially towards the end. However, the key to this show is the theme and atmosphere. Hellsing has such a dark and gory atmosphere and works, really well. Alucard himself is a true example of what a vampire should be, pure fear and power. But it’s not all dark and brooding, there are several moments of adult humour sprinkled throughout which lightens to mood somewhat. I, personally want a fan of the ending but I won’t spoil it for you, I definitely think you should give it a watch .

I rate this anime 3.5/5.