My 5 Favourite Stands From Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (Part 3)

Been a while since I’ve done a list and since in on a Jojo bender right now I figured why not make a list of my favourite stands because there sure is quite… a… lot. Anyway, this list isn’t in any particular order I just listed them as I thought of them.

1. Horus

PetShop.pngPet_Shop_and_Horus.pngWe didn’t actually get to see a great deal of the “actual” Horus stand but we got to see it in action a fair bit. Horus takes the shape of a big icy bird-like skeleton which looks pretty cool. I think the main reason I like Horus so much probably comes down to how badass Pet Shop is in his fight against Iggy, I mean sure he dies but for the majority of the fight Pet Shop was pretty unstoppable and he pulled some pretty sweet moves.



2. Cream


Cream is just weird, but also a seriously dangerous stand. For those how don’t know, Cream has a void portal inside its mouth and anything it eats disappears forever (Itself and stand user Vanilla Ice notwithstanding). When Cream eats itself it turns into an invisible ball that erases whatever it touches making Cream a serious danger to anyone who isn’t fast enough to work out how the stand works and to top it all of Vanilla Ice is literally immortal, so there’s that. All in all, Cream is a serious danger that requires some serious luck to beat.


3. Hanged Man

jjsc10avdolHangedMan.pngFor how lame Hanged Man’s user J. Geil is, the Hanged Man has some seriously sweet moves. I thought it was pretty awesome how he could just jump from reflection to reflection, being invincible whilst in the reflection world. And with Hanged Man only having one short period of vulnerability, he really is pretty awesome. It’s not till he starts jumping into peoples eyes when you really realise the gravity of his power, ultimately though, that’s also his downfall. As a side note to those who know, I wonder if Hanged Man would appear in the same dimension as “Man in the Mirror” from part 5? I’m assuming so.

4. Death Thirteen

jojo2040Death13.pngDeath Thirteen is one of those stands who, with the right user, could have very easily defeated the Stardust Crusaders. It just comes down to the fact that Mannish Boy, the user, happens to be a baby is the reason why he was defeated. Well, that and that if he hadn’t spent a great deal of time mocking Kakyoin he could have easily killed both him and Polnareff. Death Thirteens ability to trap people in a dream world makes it ideal for assassinating targets, with 13’s ability to control every aspect of the dream world means that its impossible for the target to fight back. And on top of that, if the target wakes up they won’t remember anything besides the fact that they had a bad dream. There’s no doubt that Death Thirteen is a pretty awesome stand.

5. Hierophant Green

2a9b5be1f8a9bdc68784be78d3ec39f701f2fd0c_00Emerald Splash.pngI wanted to include at least one hero character’s stand on this list and when I was thinking about which one of the stands I like most I came to the conclusion that while Star Platinum is the usual fan favourite, being that he is super OP and could win almost any battle, It just seems too convenient. So I came to the conclusion that Hierophant Green was a better choice. The awesome utility of it being able to unravel itself, possess people and even its staple “Emerald Splash” attack is one of the few ranged abilities of the crusaders, Hierophant green is just super cool. I also really like the toxic waste hazmat style its got going, It just really “stands” out (pun intended) from the other stands in this part. I do want to mention how it is a little irritation how his abilities seem to change throughout the course of the series but that sort of thing isn’t anything new to Jojo. Kakyoin is also just such a cool character and it really kinda sucked how we barely got to see him in any of the second half of the series.

Well, that’s it for my list of my favourite stand from  Stardust Crusaders. Leave a comment below and let me know what some of your favorite stands from part 3 are. If you haven’t seen or read Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure before then I would strongly recommend checking it out. Thanks for reading


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Platinum End: Volume 4 Review

platinum-end-vol-4-9781421595825_hrPlatinum End volume 4 was written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. This volume was published on 14st of December 2017. This volume features the fourth three chapters (10-12), read my review for the third volume here. This volume starts with a battle between Mirai, Nanato and “Metro Policeman”. Nanato is leading the charge against Metro, trying to outwit him to allow Mirai to get a hit in. However in a bit to save Nanato from being killed, Mirai loses control and starts a barrage of attacks against Metro. Now with Mirai keeping Metro distracted, Nanato manages to destroy part of the Metro Policeman armour. That is how Mirai manages to catch a glimpse of the man behind the helmet. From them on all of their attention will go towards tracking down how Metro Policeman really is. Meanwhile, Saki starts to realise that to this point she has been of little but a burden to everyone.


Mirai’s fight with Metro

My Review: Alright so I was super into this volume right up until the end. The fight scene with Mirai and Metro was awesome, it was just some A-Grade action. The coolest part for me was realizing that you can use arrows as shields against other arrows, this lead to a more sword style fight, which was pretty sweet. My point of contention with this volume is with Saki’s character revelation. Everything was going brilliantly, her confession to Mirai of how she betrayed him, her guilt for his suicide and her plea to him for her own death. The following scene was really great in how Mirai forces Saki to make a choice. If that had been the end of the volume everything would be fine, however, there is one five-page section that has Saki acting as a completely different person. I understand that her personality might change a bit after the previous event but the shift is so dramatic and sudden that I find it quite unbelievable.


I rate this manga 7/10.

Thanks for reading!


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What I’ve Been Watching: #6

Sorry this post is late, I got a little sidetracked yesterday. It’s been a slower week for me, only watched a few series.

I started off the week with Himouto! Umaru-chan. A quirky show with decent but forgettable characters and no real plot to speak of, Mainly just a combination of “events”. Just easy watching stuff really, it did remind me of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid a little bit.

Moving on from that I watched Maken-Ki! a very “meh” show. Some funny moments but nothing memorable. I wouldn’t bother watching it.

I finished the week watching Gamers! When I first started watching it I absolutely hated it, but I stuck with it and actually started to enjoy the show. The only issue is that none of the problems would have happened if any of the characters bother to talk to each other. It is kinda ridiculous.

Also in Manga Land, I dusted off the rest of Bloody Monday. Quite a few good twists towards the end.

Bloody Monday: Volume 4 Review

9781612620404Bloody Monday is a series written by  Ryumon Ryou and was illustrated by Megumi Kouji. The fourth volume was published on 14th of February 2012. This volume features the next nine chapters (24-32). You can read my review of the third volume here. After being captured and interrogated by Third-I, Maya Orihara offers to make a deal with Fujimaru Takagi. If she can be granted amnesty for her crimes, then she will give Fujimaru and Third-I some information that will help to solve the case. With the deal approved, Fujimaru, Kano Ikuma and Hosho Sayuri take Maya in a car to transport her to where the information is to be found. However, all is not well as on the car ride over, Fujimaru begins to notice some strange behaviour coming from one of his comrades in Third-I. He begins to suspect that a spy is working to free Maya from her current position. As such Fujimaru must think quickly and put a plan into action to stop her escape.

My Review: Makes some big strides in the plot development area. Without spoiling anything we get to see the big reveal of a spy working inside Third-I. I have to say that the book did an excellent job of averting my expectation, completely undermining my thought on who the spy actually was for a character I had thought to be innocent. I really liked the time during the car ride where Fujimaru needs to find a way to contact Third-I and tell them about the spy, it has a pretty good sense of tone. Although I did think it was a little ridiculous how he just happened to know the exact details of Kirishima’s phone.

After the spy is revealed, Fujimaru gets a real system shock, having Maya toy with his thoughts and make him unsure of his initial guess. This is where we start to see him realise that he isn’t some super kid (despite the endless comment on how “amazing” he is). Now you would think that this would leave a lasting impression but for the most part, this event is quickly forgotten in next few volumes.

All in all, this volume covers some important plot developments and introduces a few new characters into the mix. Having now read the entire series I can say that this book is not as critical as some of the others but still plays a role in some of the events to come.

I rate this manga 5.5/10.

Thanks for reading!


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What I’ve Been Watching: #5

Let’s get down to brass tacks, I’ve been watching and reading heaps.

I finished of Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor. An I have to say that there was a lot of wasted potentials, like a lot. Which was really disappointing because it started out so well.

After that, I jumped right into Air. I thought it was pretty good although the plot completely derailed towards the end. I want a fan of the sudden jump to feudal Japan, kinda jarring. I also watched the OVA (Air in Summer) but it’s basically just an expanded feudal saga.

Then I mover onto Charlotte. And it was pretty good, started out fairly tame, gradually got better. There was a dip towards the end but it certainly could have been way worse. There was one point where I could see a really interesting story branching out, but you’ll have to wait for the review for that. (Ps. coming soon, … probably).

Moving on to My First Girlfriend is a Gal. The ecchi is strong with this one. It wasn’t terrible by any means and had a few laughs but I wasn’t really left with any want to watch more.

And now I have just finished watching Baccano! Wow, what a ride, literally. Get it cozz the train, … ok, I’ll stop. Anyway, I loved the setting of old-timey mobster America. Not what your everyday anime setting. The dub also has some great accents.

In the world of books, I keep chugging along with Bloody Monday. I have finished volume four, five, six, seven and most of eight. Some of its alright, some of its very stagnant. Although I will say that volume eight is awesome, loving it.

And there you go, now you know everything I’ve been up to this week. If you want to keep up with more of what I’m watching then you can check out my MAL which I try to keep as up to date as possible. You can do that here.

Thanks for reading!