Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Vento Aureo (Part 5) confirmed


As of just a few hours, ago Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Vento Aureo (Part 5) (AKA Golden Wind) was just confirmed for October. Its been just under two years since Diamond is Unbreakable finished airing and Jojo fans had been hanging on desperately since the then, but now the wait is finally over. We will be getting the casting announcements of the 5th of July so keep your eye out for that.

I personally can’t wait as just recently I’ve become a huge fan of Jojo and it just so happens that this announcement has come out as I’m in the middle of reading the part 5 manga.

Blue Exorcist Season 2 Release

FGood news for all the Blue Exorcist fans season 2 has been aired, 36c935a1a29a04e3c8498e249ad32dbf1467587853_fullas of writing this only a few episodes have been released with more
being released in the coming year.
This season will follow the Kyoto Impure King Arc if you’ve read the manga. The original cast will be returning for this season as well.


NEW Previews for Accel World vs Sword Art Online Game

Dengeki Online has just released preview images for a new crossover game based on two of Reki Kawahara’s light novels. The games name is, Accel World VS Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight and will be available on PS4 and PSP. The release date is set for sometime in 2017. Here are the new images:


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Blue Exorcist NEW Season Revealed

As of today, the official Blue Exorcist website has released some information regarding the next installment of the series. We have been given some spectacular new art of the characters along with the names of the new characters and cast members. We also get a sneak preview of what we can expect for the Kyoto Impure King Arc with this new trailer. We can probably expect this new season to drop sometime during  very early 2017.