Platinum End: Volume 4 Review

platinum-end-vol-4-9781421595825_hrPlatinum End volume 4 was written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. This volume was published on 14st of December 2017. This volume features the fourth three chapters (10-12), read my review for the third volume here. This volume starts with a battle between Mirai, Nanato and “Metro Policeman”. Nanato is leading the charge against Metro, trying to outwit him to allow Mirai to get a hit in. However in a bit to save Nanato from being killed, Mirai loses control and starts a barrage of attacks against Metro. Now with Mirai keeping Metro distracted, Nanato manages to destroy part of the Metro Policeman armour. That is how Mirai manages to catch a glimpse of the man behind the helmet. From them on all of their attention will go towards tracking down how Metro Policeman really is. Meanwhile, Saki starts to realise that to this point she has been of little but a burden to everyone.


Mirai’s fight with Metro

My Review: Alright so I was super into this volume right up until the end. The fight scene with Mirai and Metro was awesome, it was just some A-Grade action. The coolest part for me was realizing that you can use arrows as shields against other arrows, this lead to a more sword style fight, which was pretty sweet. My point of contention with this volume is with Saki’s character revelation. Everything was going brilliantly, her confession to Mirai of how she betrayed him, her guilt for his suicide and her plea to him for her own death. The following scene was really great in how Mirai forces Saki to make a choice. If that had been the end of the volume everything would be fine, however, there is one five-page section that has Saki acting as a completely different person. I understand that her personality might change a bit after the previous event but the shift is so dramatic and sudden that I find it quite unbelievable.


I rate this manga 7/10.

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Platinum End: Volume 3 Review

9781421592084_manga-platinum-end-3-primaryPlatinum End volume 3 was written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. This volume was published on 1st of August, 2017. This volume features the third three chapters (07-09), read my review for the second volume here. After the massacre at the stadium Mirai and Saki begin to formulate a plan when, all of a sudden, another God candidate comes knocking upon their window. He introduces himself as Mukaido Nanato, a clothing producer. He suggests that the strangers unite under the common goal of putting an end to metro policeman’s brutality. However, the clock is ticking as metro policeman continues to hunt down the other God candidates via any means possible, including releasing a deranged serial killer into the masses. After the first murder, the ad-hoc alliance must rush to find “Girl A” before she kills again.

My Review: Volume three introduces a new character who brings an interesting dynamic to the table, Mukaido‘s mature perspective offers greater insight and guidance to Mirai and Saki, allowing for more intelligent group decision making, as well as more effective strategising.

Image result for Kakehashi Mirai costume
Mirai’s suit

We also get our first glimpse of Mirai‘s battle suit which is a stylish motocross-magician mix? Either way, it looks pretty neat. The other character introduced is Girl A the deranged serial killer who suffers from the same issue as many of the other supporting characters, that being underdevelopment. Still, I had fun with this volume and the slower pace worked well for introducing the new strategical elements to the story, which I fell is what shines in this particular type of plot. I’m very happy with the volume and I anticipate the official release of the next volume in December.

I rate this manga 6.5/10.

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The Armoury: The Angel’s Arrow

The Angel’s Arrow is a powerful tool granted to God contestants in the Platinum End series. The Angel’s Arrow takes the form of either a red or white arrow, both have different effects on the target. The Red Arrow can be used to make the target instantly fall in love with the user for 33 days, making them submit to your every whim, no matter extreme. The White Arrow can be used to instantly kill anyone, however, this power is only granted to God Candidate with “Special” rank angels.


Image result for Wikia
Red Arrow

Platinum End: Volume 2 Review

platinum-end-vol-2-9781421592077_hrPlatinum End volume 2 was written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. This volume was published on 7th of March, 2017. This volume features the second three chapters (04-06), read the review for the first volume here. The first chapter starts right where the previous volume ended and Saki Hanakago has just pierced Mirai (the protagonist) with her red arrow, causing him to fall in love with her. Little does she know that Mirai already loved her, she only released his emotions. Now without a home, Mirai takes to living with Saki; as her save for the first 33 days, and as her ally after. While all this is going on Meteo Policeman puts his plan into action, a plan to wipe out as many God candidates as possible with one bold move, and thus he airs his challenge to the world on live television.

My Review: The volume starts off rather slow but quickly picks up the pace when Metro Policeman starts causing a mess. Around the start of chapter 4 is when things start to get really interesting, as each Metro (Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink) enter the fight we start to get a sense of tension involved in the God game, despite how ridiculous it may seem. We also start to see some alliances popping up (if only for a briefly), in fact, the volume ends with the introduction a character that I assume will be joining the main duo. I am starting to get the sense of scale involved with this world, however, I do think that Metro Policeman is killing all the other candidates in quite rapidly. If this keeps up then I would think we would run out of character. While I’m on the topic of characters, I would like to discuss how three of the characters introduced are killed shortly after. I know that we want to get on with the action, but I would have preferred more than just a few panels we had to develop the characters. It would have made their deathes more impactful. Never the less, Volume 2 finishes with another cliffhanger, enticing we to read on, rest assured I will continue reviewing this series as I get my hands on the books.

I rate this manga 6.5/10.


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What I’ve Been Watching: #2

Hey, everyone, I have decided to shift this segment to Sundays as its a better way to round out the week.

Image result for we are one pieceI’m still plodding along with One Piece. I just finished watching episode 530, I love the new look for the crew.





1464164938_posterI have recently re-watched Kokoro Connect and it still holds up really well. If you haven’t seen it then I highly recommend it.





Image result for kara no kyoukai 7 satsujin kousatsu kouI am about an hour through the Garden of Sinners Chapter 7: Murder Speculation Part B. So far it’s been pretty slow but I have a feeling the second half is gonna pick up speed.







I have also just finished reading volume two of Platinum End, so hopefully, I can get a review for that written when I find the time.





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