Silhouette: Koro-Sensei

Koro-Sensei is the ex-assassin, yellow tentacle monster teacher of Kunugigaoka Junior High School’s 3-E class. He is capable of moving and flying at Mach 20 speed, can instantaneously regenerate his body and is invulnerable to any regular form of attacks. With all of this, you would think him impossible to kill but that is exactly what the class of 3-E has been instructed to do and it is Koro-Sensei’s task to train them to do so.

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Silhouette: Mei Misaki

Dubbed as the girl who “does not exist”, Mei Misaki is a 15-year-old high school student at Yomiyama North Middle. Suffering the brunt of the year three – class three ritual, Mei is ignored by everyone around her, treated as though she does not exist. She covers her left eye with an eyepatch to conceal her glass eye, for it has the power to perceive this that should never be seen, such as those that are dead.

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Silhouette: Roberta

Originally named Rosarita Cisneros, Roberta use to be a trained gorilla assassin and was regarded as a international criminal. The blood trail she left in her wake earned her the name “Bloodhound of Florencia”, a name to to this day still strike fear into the heard of men. In the more recent years Roberta was living as a maid, working for the Lovelace family. However, after a car bomb attack heals the family’s master, Roberta abandons her life as a made to once again take up the mantle as the Bloodhound of Florencia.

(Left to right: Roberta, Shenhua)

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Silhouette: Balalaika

Balalaika is a tyrannical warmonger and the feared leader of Hotel Moscow, one of the main leader of Roanapur. Before joining the Mafia, Balalaika was a Vozdushno-Desantnye Vojska paratrooper and a Soviet captain, serving the Russians during the Afganistan war. Unfortunately, after being “honourably discharged” by the army, Balalaika was left high and dry with a lust for blood and power. But as fate would have it, her ex-troopers looked up to her so much as a captain that they swore to follow her into the mafia lifestyle.

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Silhouette: Gray Fullbuster

Gray Fullbuster is one of the many mages of Fairy Tail. He specialises in Ice magic, using ice maker magic to create and shape Ice. As a hangover from his training days as a child, he has developed a habit of absentmindedly removing his clothes leading to many accusations of being a nudist. He is also well known for his strong rivalry with Natsu Dragneel, the fire mage.

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