The Armoury: Lambent Light

The Lambent Light is a one handed rapier wielded by Asuna during her time in Sword Art Online. Used in combination with Asuna’s high-speed stat earned her the name “The Flash”. The sword was forged by Lisbeth and consists of a thin silver blade with a circular light blue handguard and blue gem embedded in the centre. This rapier is what was used to deal the finishing blow to Heathcliff; ending SAO.

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Sword Art Online II Review

51363342Sword Art Online II is the sequel in the hit series Sword art online, you can read my review for the first season here. This season originally aired from July to December of 2014. This season continues on a year after the SAO incident. The seed has grown and now there is an infinite amount of interconnected VR games. It is around this time, during an online in-game panel where a competing contestant in Gun Gale Online’s Bullet of Bullets is bizarrely disconnected. Rumor has it that he has been murdered by the mysterious figure known only as Death Gun. Due to his past experience within the VR system and his involvement with the completion of SAO it is not long until Kazuto is approached by an official assigned to the case, Kazuto must take the role of Kirito once again in order to investigate what is really happening in GGO.

My Review: If you read my review for the first season of SAO then you might know that I am a pretty big fan, so it should come as no surprise that I was pretty excited to watch this. But does it meet the same level as the first season? Well for the first half (set on GGO) I thought the show was really great, introducing new characters with interesting dynamics and a whole new setting. Unfortunately, my opinion on the second half differs a bit, I did like how for the most part the focus was on Asuna, building upon her backstory and giving us a new perspective on her, however, I just found the whole arc to be somewhat lackluster, and don’t even get me started of the Excalibur arc. Although I did think that the ending was very touching. All in all not a bad continuation but It could have been better.

I rate this anime 2.5/5.


Sword Art Online Review

120213swordart_01Sword Art Online saw its original release during the final half of 2012. The story begins in the year 2022, a time when virtual reality gaming has come leaps and bounds since the old day. One of the biggest releases to date is just around the corner and Kazuto Kirigaya was one of the selected lucky few to get a shot to play the beta and has managed to get his hands on a copy from the first shipment. Upon logging in for the very first time after launch, Kazuto finds himself transported to the beautiful and mystical world of Aincrad, however, all is not well for in just a short time he along with the other tens of thousands of player realize that they are unable to long out. It is then that the creator of the game announces that the only way to escape the game it to beat it, the only catch is that if you die in the game, you die in real life.

My Review: One of the shows I watched during my humble beginnings as an anime fan, Sword Art Online has found itself a special place in my heart. I’ve seen the show quite a few time but I have to say that the first time around was the best, I remembering it being really magical, but every other subsequent watch has just seemed to lose that feeling. On the bright side, one thing that never loses its wonder it the art. It may know that I love bright vibrant environments and this show has them in spades. The plot itself is decent, it’s got its fair share of filler episodes but they all work towards the main story in some aspect.

I rate this anime 4/5.


NEW Previews for Accel World vs Sword Art Online Game

Dengeki Online has just released preview images for a new crossover game based on two of Reki Kawahara’s light novels. The games name is, Accel World VS Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight and will be available on PS4 and PSP. The release date is set for sometime in 2017. Here are the new images:


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