Seasonal recomendations: Christmas 2017

Hey everyone, Tis the season to be jolly and all. So in the spirit of Christmas, I decided to share some animes that I think will help you revel in the spirit. Unsurprisingly though, there are actually very few animes with Christmas as the main theme, its usually just limited to episodes. Regardless here’s the list.

First, of I’d like to recommend Tokyo Godfathers (shocker). As unoriginal as that is, Tokyo Godfathers is an excellent movie that really warms the heart. A perfect watch for Christmas Eve.

Next, we have Log Horizon (season 2). The reason being that the whole first half is about Christmas, and a serial killer Santa. But mainly about Christmas. You may need to have seen the first season to understand much of what anything or anyone is. But its still a good Christmas show, give it a watch.

Moving away from directly Christmas related, Tokyo Ghoul √A I feel has a Christmasy vibe, a sad Christmas vibe. I don’t know why, it’s probably the all the snow but I’d say that there is a definite vibe. Probably not something you’d want to watch if you plan to be jolly.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO! actually has a good portion of the anime dedicated to Christmas time. I’m a big fan of this series and I think a fair few of you fine readers would find something worth watching.

And there we go, just a few animes this I think would do well to round in the Christmas holiday season.

Best wishes readers!